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What if you cannot get Long-Term Care Insurance?

What do you do if you are not able to get long-term care insurance? There are many health conditions that can make you uninsurable. Do you have to eat the cost of Long-Term Care all yourself? Do you need to spend down all your money to use Medicare? Is family going to have to take care of you? Fortunately, there is now an additional option to consider. It takes the form of a home care services contract. This program offers guaranteed acceptance for those who can not get traditional long-term care insurance. This plan through American Senior Services deserves a closer look!

How the Plan Works

As I noted earlier, True Freedom is not insurance but rather a home care service contract. You do not need to go through underwriting like you do with long-term care insurance. It is guaranteed acceptance and the only exclusion is that you can not currently be in need of long-term care. There is also no age limit to apply!

First you select the number of hours that you want covered. This can range from 1500 to 10000 lifetime covered hours. These hours are split into 10 bundles of benefits. You can start receiving benefits as soon as 90 days after enrollment.

After you use one bundle of benefits (ranging from 150-1000 hours), you then pay for the next 90 days yourself. After that you get a second bundle of benefits followed by another 90 days of self-pay. This cycle continues until you have used all 10 of your bundles and hit your maximum lifetime hours.

It really is that simple! You can request your benefits anytime; you do not need to wait to be diagnosed with 2 of 6 activities of daily living like you do with traditional long-term care insurance.

Benefits and Services Provided

The home care service contract includes:

· Meal Planning/Preparation

· Assistance with Dressing

· Assistance with Bathing, Toileting and Hygiene

· Grooming

· Laundry, Ironing and Changing Linens

· Grocery Shopping

· Light Housekeeping

· Monitor Diet and Food Expiration

· Medication Reminders

· Accompany to Places of Worship

· Accompany to Doctors Appointments and More!

More Details

Another feature of the plan is that you can choose to use your benefits in one of two, non-medical ways. Members can select to utilize either agency hours which are provided by a network of licensed home care agencies. They can also choose to use anytime hours. The anytime hours can be provided by a friend or neighbor and they would be paid by your home health care contract. The anytime hours care can not be provided by a family member.

Cost of Benefits

These plans are broken down into 4 tiers of benefits: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Platinum Plans

10,000 Lifetime Membership Hours

Cost: $5,700 Annually / $475 Monthly

Gold Plan

6,000 Lifetime Membership Hours

Cost: $3,540 Annually / $295 Monthly

Silver Plan

3,000 Lifetime Membership Hours

Cost: $2,100 Annually / $175 Monthly

Bronze Plan

1,500 Lifetime Membership Hours

Cost: $1,140 Annually / $95 Monthly

Discount Savings Upon Enrollment:

· A 5% Discount on an annual membership payment.

· A 10% Discount for Husband & Wife / Domestic Partners when enrolling at the same time.

· A 15% Discount on each ANNUAL membership enrollment for Husband & Wife / Domestic Partners when enrolling at the same time.


Is this plan as good as long-term care insurance? No. We would not recommend this plan to someone who can get true long-term care insurance.

Is this plan good for everyone? No. This plan would not work well for someone who is in their 50’s or 60’s and in good health.

Who does this plan work best for? This plan is ideal for someone who has health issue, is older or for some reasons expects to need help in their home within 10 years. You do not want to wait to long before buying a plan like this, but you also do not want to buy it 20 years early like you would with long-term care insurance. This is because these benefits do not increase like a long-term care insurance policy with an inflation rider does.

Georgia Long-Term Care insurance is dedicated to helping you create a plan for your future long-term care provision. Give us a call and we would be happy to help!

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