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Long-Term Care in 2024:
The Definitive Guide 

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Why did we start Georgia Long-Term Care Insurance?

We started because we noticed that their was not a lot of help for individuals  in Georgia who were trying to plan for future long-term care events. We want to provide people with a local, trustworthy source of information and expertise with regards to long-term care planning and insurance in the state of Georgia.

We are a Christian insurance agency that truly believes in helping others and customer services is our number one priority. We have been helping people with their health insurance needs for over 15 years and are one of the top rated agencies in the state (Georgia Health Insurance Reviews).

Long-Term Care planning is important. And whether you are looking into Long-Term Care insurance for yourself or a family member, you can count on Georgia Long-Term Care insurance to provide you with the very best information on LTC planning, providers, cost, partnership plans, rate increase history and the many other aspects of Long-Term Care planning and insurance.

Essential Long-Term Care (LTC) Knowledge

What is Long-Term Care

What is it and why do you need to learn about it? Find out Now!

LTC Discussion with Family

Do you expect your family to play a roll in your LTC needs? You need to talk about it!

Cost of Long-Term Care

How much is it going to cost? Are there costs that go beyond money?

The Government and LTC

Will the goverment pay for your LTC? Nothing is free! What is the cost?

Types of LTC Insurance

What are the types of LTC insurance? Which one should you choose?

Long-Term Care Partnership Plans

What is a LTC partnership plan and how can it save you money?

LTC and Business Owners

Are there tax advantages to owning an LTC policy for business owners?

Putting your Plan Together and FAQ

You need to have a plan. See how we can help and get answers to common questions!

Some of the A rated carriers we work with!

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